Starlight 64 for sale!

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This sale will be posted on two websites by me, modretro, and benheck. If you see it anywhere else that I have not sanctioned, it's a scam.

The starlight 64 that is currently the smallest in the world is for sale.

The package will come with the charger, the docking station, the system itself, and a simple 1 page instruction manual.

I do have a reputation on this site and other members can vouch for this being a real sale from a real person, other portables have been sold here before. Although I will have to be paid before shipping it out, we can work out a sale through ebay if that feels more secure for you.


3 hour battery life
5 inch screen
Full set of controls including d pad and L button
Docking station for video output and extra player controller ports
Will play all n64 game
Headphone jack for personal sound

Any offer under $450 will not be accepted. The unit cost $200 to build and 50+ hours were spent building it. Working at $7/hour would make this unit cost $550, $450 is a fair price to start at.
You can also see the completion thread with links to the build threads here.

I only take paypal, sorry.

If you are interested you can send me a PM and make an offer.
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