SnowKitty's sale thread


selling some stuff again. prices do not include shipping, i can accept payment via paypal.

super joy III famiclone with light gun and extra controller (has 60 pin famicom slot on bottom and it has builtin games (12000-in-1 i think) make offer
gameshark CDX v3.4 for PS1 with box/manual $10
final fantasy 8 (with guidebook) for PS1 black label version make offer
streets of rage 1 for genesis (with box, no manual) $6
technoclash for genesis (cart only) make offer
sonic 1 not for resale edition for genesis (cart only) make offer
genesis model 2 RF cable
genesis 2/3 AV cable (mono) make offer
sonic 2 for gamegear (cart only)$5
ms pacman for gamegear (cart only) $5
gray zapper gun for NES $5
PSone multitap $5
various console repair parts and accessories