SNES and PSone screen mA consumption?


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Ok, so I want to know how many milliamps each of these require:

CCFL PSone Screen
LED-modded PSone Screen
Thank you. So if I get two 4700 mAh batteries, (Making it 9400 mAh) and hook them up to my SNES and LED-modded PSone screen (950 mA) it should run for a little under 10 hours?

And so if that's right than an UNmodded PSone screen would be 9400, 550+700=1250 9400/1250=7.52. It would run for 7.52 hours, right?

Dang, if I've got this right then those are some good batteries. :eek:

EDIT: AfroLH confirmed this on the chat. I'm SO buying those batteries.
pLover said:
They're two 3.4V 4700mAh batteries... is that a problem?

Yes because if you hook them up in parallel to get 7.4v then it is only 4700mAh not 9400mAh.

If you hook them up in series it is 3.7v 9400mAh.
Aw, Dangit. I guess I gotta look for new batteries. :(

Or just live with the 5 hours. It IS my first portable, after all...

Eh, there are a lot of things to consider.
whats so bad about 5 hours of gameplay? i mean it is your first portable that does seem like a decent amount of battery life
Wait... If I get four of those batteries and line them up parallel and in pairs, (So then I would have two things, each having 7.4v and 4700mAh) and then I line those pairs up in series, could I get 7.4v source with 9400mAh?