PS3 controller on PC


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I have my PS3 controller and a bluetooth dongle and a cable.

I can't get the *Can'tSayThisOnTV*er to work on my computer. I have fallowed dozens of tutorals word for word but it just refuses to work.

I am useing XPADDER and it can see the controller but doesn't detect any button presses. :cry4:
Also I can't get it to connect over bluetooth.

WHAT THE *Can'tSayThisOnTV*?
Screw the bluetooth dongle, just hook the controller up to your PC directly with a USB cable.

Then, go download the PS3 driver (it might work straight off as an HID device, but if not, just search for "Windows PS3 controller driver" on Google.)
if you use Windows, I believe a program called glovePIE is compatible with PS3 controllers. I know it works with Wii controllers.
Just about all PC gamepads are Dualshock clones. There are wireless PC gamepads.
I have same problem as Epic and I have tried solutions posted here. But then also
I can not connect my PS3 to my computer. It is showing me that PS3 is connected
but when I run , It not responding and says check connections.So please solve my
problem, Thanks in advance.
The PS3 controller cannot be recognized through Bluetooth because it is not a standard HID device. To use it through Bluetooth on Windows, you would need to rewrite the operating system. There is a Linux fix for this, but not Windows.

The only thing you can do is use it with the USB cable.
Actually, you can use the PS3 controller in Windows over Bluetooth.
A quick google search will show you this has been true for quite some time.
A quick google search told me you cant.
But I'll trust you.