Billy Mays
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So yeah. Wow.

And yesterday was her birthday.

I finally have moved into the current-gen console world! XD

So... what's the PS3 Slim's upsides and downsides? Backwards compatibility? Emulators? Hacks/mods/etc?
No ps2 compatability, just ps1. No linux.

The same as a stock ps3, except it's better on power consumption. It also doesn't have a "touch" button, just a regular pushbutton to turn it off.

AFAIK, no hacks or emus yet. Still, an excellent blu-ray player with a decent library of games.
J.D said:
Hmm, I need to get one of these "Wifes".
I believe he has the upgraded "Wifey" revision, the ones that don't gripe and love to shower their "Hubbies" with gifts and love. Those of you who purchased the recalled "Wife" revision, please return them to the place of purchase immediately. These defective models have been known to cause trouble sleeping, brain trauma, and ultimately implosion.
I do have the upgrade, revision :awesome:.2.

She has all of those previous bugs fixed, and in fact, has extra :awesome: thrown in.
grossaffe said:
J.D said:
Hmm, I need to get one of these "Wifes".
no woman would ever have you.

You will have me...

-Arrow-> said:
Wait you said it was her birthday?


So I bought the game she really wanted for it, Ratchet and Clank.

ShockSlayer said:
He also has a baby you dumbflax. XD

Quoted for hilariousness, and the clarification that I also have an eight-year-old and a four-year-old! XD
It's a *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing baby. Guess.

'Cause I have never seen a 15 year old baby.
Go buy Resistance, LBP, and MGS:4. Honestly the only reasons to own that console ( ikidikid! dont flaem meh D: )

Um, you do realize 2006 has been over for nearly three years, don't you?


Moving on, I would very much recommend "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" and then "Uncharted 2" when you finish it. Both games are totally excellent. They're unfortunately both fairly short (I beat the first one in just under nine hours, and I'm 68% of the way through the second one after roughly the same time), but the original makes up for it in sheer cinematic excellence and in only being $30 now, and the second, while having everything that made the original great, also has highly addictive online multiplayer added into it.

If you're looking for some inexpensive games to build your collection with, I would recommend "Mirror's Edge," "Virtua Fighter 5," and "The Orange Box," all of which are only $20 new. "The Orange Box" is by far the best deal with five games on one disc - it took me eleven months or so to finish all of the beatable games (those being "Half-Life 2," "Half-Life 2: Episode One," "Half-Life 2: Episode Two," and "Portal"), and "Team Fortress 2" continues to be one of the very best online multiplayer games ever. Unfortunately, the PS3 version has problems that will never be fixed since EA did a terrible job of porting it and seems to have forgotten completely about its existence, but if you're like me and stuck with a computer that won't run any of the games included in it, the PS3 version remains an excellent deal.

Be sure to download lots of demos, by the way - it's a great way of trying games out for free. If it turns out you like a game, you can buy it; if you can't get it, the demo can entertain you until you do; if you don't, you won't have wasted any money on buying or renting the game.