Official ModRetro Indie Games Thread


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Official ModRetro Indie Games Thread!

This thread is dedicated to all of the Amazing Indie Games for PC.

Indie Games are defined as:
...creating video games without the financial support of a video game publisher. While large companies can create independent games, they are typically designed by an individual or a small team of as many as ten people, depending on the complexity of the project. These games may take years to be constructed from the ground up or can be completed in a matter of days or even hours depending on complexity, participants, and design goal.

The Master List:

Cave Story- If you Haven't Played this, you fail.
Within a Deep Forest- Awesome Adventure/Platformer Game.
Knytt- Another One like Above
Knytt Stories- And Another One
Natsuki!- Platforming Game where you have a Hook and you use it to get through levels. Pretty Awesome
rFootage- An Ikruga-Like Shmup where you battle boss after boss after boss after boss after boss...
Karoshi- An interesting puzzle game, and the goal is to...kill yourself.
Cloud- Fly around the sky in this relaxing open world game.
Wire Hang Redeux- Go as high as you can using only your hookshot.
Battle for Wesnoth- Awesome Strategy Game!
Seiklus-A surreal platformer with a cool art style.
Eternal Daughter- An awesome Metroidvania type platformer.
Super Mario 2.5D- The Original Super Mario, NOW IN 2.5D!! :D
Super Cosplay Wars Ultra- Linear Fighter using cosplayers as fighters :D
Klass of 99- A Remake of the C64 Classic, Skool Daze.
Chair Chasers- You know how you used to/always chase people while sitting in a rolling chair backwards... Yeah.
Alex The Allegator- Great Platformer with Gameboy-like Graphics.
Wubly 2- An interesting twist of a navigational-type puzzle game; you move with a grappling hook!

World of Goo- build innovative things with your goo!

Console Homebrew:



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An interesting puzzle game, and the goal is to...kill yourself. Check out more of 2D Cube's games, they are all good. Wubly 2 is really good.

I can predict just about everyone who posts in this thread will mention Cave Story :D
World of Goo - build innovative things with your goo!

(on sale till Oct 19th, pay what you think its worth, even if you only want to pay $0.01 for it :D )
How about you make a website section? Like, websites full of indie games?

There's ,maker of Karoshi. He has a ton of fun games on his site, check them out!

There's also ,which has some truly amazing Indie Games...and really crappy ones.