More Bibin stuff including but not limited to NES

You should change the condition of the NES to "refurbished" and add "new 72 pin" to the title (if it will fit) before somebody bids.
Heh, I knew someone would ask.

850Mhz Pentium III Coppermine
256MB ram
6GB HDD (it runs tinyXP, only for chiptuning)
Has a USB bus but the port is broken so I removed it (you can solder one on easily if you want!)
I used the PS/2 port to move the mouse to get the programs running, then used the keyboard for the chipping.
It has ethernet too, and is fully web capable.
XCVG said:
Does the mobo have an AGP slot? What about the integrated graphics?

It's just a Dell C600 laptop motherboard, to be honest.

It's got some ATI something with 8MB VRAM.
Well, I was never that interested and I DEFINITELY don't want a laptop mobo. So AfroLH can have it.