ModRetro Internet Radio Channel? FTW? FTL?


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Ok, so I had the brilliant Idea of ModRetro having it's own internet radio station.
We could have a channel for each genre and have music playing on it constantly (Maybe?).
And then at a set time each night, we could have a DJ come on and take requests and have their own Talk Show of sorts.

So yes? No? Thoughts? Comments?

Winamp can be used to broadcast. However, it might be a little bit harder to get more than one person reading fanfiction on the same channel. It'd probably require something like a Skype call, and having the audio from that fed through Winamp. Fanfiction Friday NEEDS more than one person, otherwise it's boring.

Multiple channels for multiple genres wouldn't end well. You'd need several people. What we can do is have a DJ that takes requests. This involves the DJ sitting in the chat.

This is all do-able, but keep in mind that we don't exactly have enough members to start taking up all of these projects. We'd probably only get a handful of listeners at any given time, and from what I've seen in the "what type of music do you listen to" thread, we all seem have very different tastes. There'd be disagreements as to what we should listen to on top of the fact that we'd have to keep this thing online for a reasonable amount of time each day.

I'm all for DJing and whatnot, but I'd suggest waiting. We've already got a chatroom and some groups in things like Facebook and FPS games. Let's slow down on the branching out.
Oh, well I wasn't expecting this to happen anytime soon. (Or anytime this year for that matter :dah: )

And I didn't know you could broadcast with Winamp. That's awesome!
But a podcast is not in real-time.
I thought a Radio Channel would be better because we could do requests and people could call in and stuff.
Video Podcast FTW!

But seriously, the internet radio (and/or podcast) idea thing seems really cool, but I'm going to have to agree with Caredo. In my honest opinion, what we need to focus on right now is advertising, either through us manually advertising or by creating projects and getting on sites like Engadget.
No. Not for music. You can get music anywhere on the web, trying to make our own music station would be pointless and more trouble than it's worth.

A modding/gaming related podcast would be cool though.
When Afro came up with this idea and told me, I told him straight up to do a podcast instead. That is my vote.
Podcast is better. Short, not 24/7, and not live.
If there is a podcast, I'd want to be in an episode as a super special guest star filler man.
Podcast isn't live. Radio Station doesn't have to be 24/7, or doesn't have to be every day.
kylechu said:
If it isn't 24/7, and isn't every day, isn't it basically a podcast?

No, Radio is live.
And we can have it so it plays music whenever someone isnt on air.
If you guys want, I'll be a radio host all day tomorrow. There's this one website that allows you to make your own broadcasts, etc, kinda like ustream without the video.