Looking for a certain game


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Ok So I am looking for this game I used to play.

These are the features I remember:

It was 2D.
It was a Platformer
All the levels were user created (Or Most of them)
It had really simple controls: Arrows to move left or right. Space or Up to jump.
They had a bunch of different blocks that made up the levels.

Does anybody know the name of this game?
No, Its a game that is on the internet.

The main character just looks like a small white pixel person.

All you do is run and jump to get from begining to the end.
Its not Lode Runner. It was ONLY on the internet.
There are no enemies.
You have to make an account to save your scores.
And The levels are USERMADE! You can make levels.

well, Afro, there isn't really much to differentiate this game from the universe of games out there from what you've told us.
J.D said:
Was it a Game Maker game?

Since he said it was on the internet only, I am assuming it is in flash or something and not a game maker game.