LOB64 interface


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LOB64 is an interface thought up by Life of Brian and mainly worked on by Mario. Several benheck members also contributed ideas.

What this is is a universal multiplayer port for Nintendo 64 portables. It has audio and video signals as well as controller signals. This port should be installed in most N64 portables (ESPECIALLY if you go to MGC or the ModRetro ComiCon event). It's very simple.

All that's required on your part is to include the port with the pins connected to the right places. It's very simple.

We decided to use ethernet ports because they have just the right amount of pins and can be found in lots of places. Ethernet ports and cables look like this:

You can get these from old laptops, ethernet cards, old computers, busted routers, or you could find one online. Just get one, and make sure it has 8 pins, not 4.

Now, here is the pinout for LOB64:
1. Composite Video
2. Left Audio
3. Right Audio
4. GND
5. Player One Controller Data
6. Player Two Controller Data
7. Player Three Controller Data
8. Player Four Controller Data

Here is a visual schematic: (updated 5/22/10)

Note that the controller's data line is connected to the N64 and the port at the same time.

Here's how it works. One portable has a cartridge in and is sending out the video and audio signals, and receiving the controller signal from the other portable. The "master" portable is like an N64, controller, and TV, and the "slave" portable is like the second player controller and another TV.

I installed LOB64 in my portable. Here is the port, on top of my N64 portable:

About connecting cables. A regular ethernet cable can be easily modified to be a crossover cable for two players. All you have to do is re-direct the Player One Controller Data line from the slave portable to the Player Two Controller Data port on the master controller.

For three or more players, something called a Klobio Box must be used. Rekarp, Brian and Mario are still working on that, but it just switches the Player One Controller Data lines from players 2, 3, and 4 and puts them on the correct spots for the master portable. A video amp must be included in it, because sending a video signal 4 ways over long CAT-5 cable will result in a very dark picture.

Please consider putting this in your next N64 portable, and if you're ever going to MGC or ConiCon, it's a MUST. Come on! It'll be awesome. :mrgreen:
One big problem with the LOB64 interface is that it does not deliver power. That's fine for linking portables, but for building a home console box it is a big problem. I've come to the conclusion that LOB64 is not so good for connecting as a home console. It does not provide power or any sort of video better than composite.

But it's still great for what it's designed for. :D
Basement_Modder said:
DJ711 said:
Correct, it was named after the person who thought up and didn't use the idea.


It was only worked on/ implemented by mario. Mario even made the pinout. :rolleyes:
Huh. I must have read it wrong.
Probably one of the best ideas in regards to portabilizing ever, I figured this would be a great topic to sticky-fy before it gets buried in the crush of N64 potrable work-logs and questions.
AfroLH said:
LOB Implemented it... :wtf:

He just abandoned the N64p Project
YOU LIE! [/charleswilson]

He never wired it up. He never created a pinout. (Mario did that.) He never abandoned the project. (officially.)
I was so enthusiastic about the project because I had been thinking of something like that long before he posted about it. :awesomemario: But it's still named after him. :)

I'ma gonna update my schematic in your post to be like yours, B_M, is that ok? (honestly, I think it's a bit easier to read...). I'll also put this topic in the sticky.
Big update.
I finished two N64 portables and built a LOB64 cable and tried this out. I found out that it only works if both N64's are on.

That means no switch to turn the N64 off. The only thing needed now is to wire a port, and that's LOB64.
It's too bad it won't work with the slave N64 off, it saves some power.

How you determine which portable is master or slave now is by which one has a cartridge in it and by the cable.One side of the cable plugs into the master, and the other into the slave. It has to be labeled, plugging the cable in backwards won't work. (See diagram in first post)

Without both portables (controllers) on, the master works fine, but when you plug the cable in to both portables it makes the master freeze until you take it out again. If both portables (controllers) are on, the master does not freeze, but the second-player controller acts erratic, pressing tons of buttons in a row. If both portables have their N64's on, everything works fine.

There must be some kind of interference loop with both N64's being grounded together. In any case, it cannot be fixed, so the only solution is to have both N64's on.

Sorry for any inconvenience! :p

I will put up a video soon of my N64 portables and LOB64 in action. :)
Could you make it to where on split screen games (EX: Mario kart 64) only the player's screen is shown? My reason for asking this is because it'd be pretty hard doing 4 way split screen on such a little screen.
Just cut the screen in half.
The PSone screen was designed with a "adaptable LCD".
I'm not even joking, Ask Bibin. All Sony designed screens can be cut.
Not like I have a sony screen to do it to anyways. :p

Besides, that doesn't solve the problem. The problem is the small size of the player's "screen" in split screen mode, not the fact that the other players "screens" are shown, but the fact that they take up room on your physical screen as a whole and would likely make it hard to see your own playing area.

I'm not saying it HAS to be done, I'm just saying if there's a way it would make things easier. :p