I'm looking for someone to...


Apparently plover is a type of bird.
...help me with my PSone screen. It's broken, and I need someone to fix it, and LED mod it. I'll go as high as $60, plus I'll pay for shipping, supplies, etc.

If, however, the screen is unrepairable, I'll pay you $7 (and shiping) for the diagnostic.

If anything is wrong with the amount, just tell me and I'll conform to your needs. (as long as it's not unreasonable)
No, I don't. ):

But if someone can fix it, I'll pay 60 bucks, and if they can't, but they can tell me what's wrong with it, I'll pay 7 dollars, just for the diagnostic.
Great! I just need to double-check with my parents to make sure it's ok for me to send it to you, and everything. I'll PM you details later.
I would be glad to take a look at it. I have spare screen parts that I could use to replace it, too, including an already LED modded TFT panel.