I need a ps2 slim spindel.


Crazy Train
I finaly got around to testing a broken ps2 I got from a friend. When i turn it on, the laser moves, but the disk doesn't spin. Not even for a split second. I suppose this means I need a new disk spindel for it. So if anybody has a faulty ps2, I would like the spindel off of it. It needs to have a good ribbon too.
Is it getting power? Electric motors usually make noise when they're seized, so you'd know it.
I really don't see why It wouldn't be getting power in the first place. In anycase, I need a spindel anyway, as I smashed the old one for fun.
What can I say, I get really bored sometimes. Plus the thing was completely clogged with hair and goo that would not come out. That is actually the problem right there. The thing spun (by that I mean if you pushed the edge it would spin), but here was a lot of hair wedged inside. I will stick an LED to the pins where the spindel ribbon goes in to test to see if any power is getting to it.