Help! I threw away the metal box for the psone screen

You could try to cobble it together, but you're probably screwed. You will probably have to buy a replacement LCD.
Actually, you should be fine. :o
Just make a frame on the in side of your portable to keep the screen bits from sliding around. Then, tape it down. :gentleawesome:
how the Heck would you manage to throw away part of your screen?!? especially one so obvious as the frame?!?! :wtf: :dahroll:
To all.... (including bacteria) Here is the response I got from bacteria during a chat : "Kyle - ok, you don't have the metal surround for the screen, so you make a replacement. Make four strips of perspex / card the same size as the outer part of the white PSone screen backing; hot glue these strips to the case. Remove the white PSone screen backing (the light enclosure). Put in the LCD, put the white piece on top, then tape it down. (or hot glue if you prefer, but using good tape is better - you can hot glue the ends of the tape down, maintaining the pressure, and also allowing to remove the tape if you need to." The problem is I cannot understand the instructions.. here is a picture of my progress. Please edit it to show me how to do it.

Please see here and look at the pictures of completed psone screen :
Just to clarify.... You want me o make a double sided frame with card board and then glue that to the white ligh box???

Thanks for the help...