Halloween costumes!


He who mods in thy basement.
Just post your costume. Here's mine:

I'm a mac. XD

So post yours. The geekier, the better!
A pumpkin. Basically one of those orange leaf bags with a jack-o-lantern face on it, with poorly made newspaper stuffed bags in it. It looks like crap. The reason is that when I was little most I had various pumpkin costumes for several years.
Last week I was Billy Mays for a costume party, but today I'm going to be the Resident Evil 4 merchant for Halloween. I'll try and get some pics (or maybe even a video).
Awww, you should go as Billy Mays Zombie!

"Billy Mays here! I'm going to eat your brains, but if you act now, I'll eat your liver too!"
lol costume.

I'm not going trick or treating, so I have no reason to put on a costume. However, I might go as palmertech.


Or a terrorist. Oh, wait, that's my normal clothes. :gonk:

At the party I went to last night, we had a pretty Dang good Rick Astley.

Oh, and the most awesomely disturbing costume was a big fella dressed up as Zap Brannigan. Let me tell you, it we unpleasant when he was walking up the stairs.
Blond Rick Astley?


I was actually going to be Rick Astley or White Michael Jackson, but didn't know Halloween would come so soon!
Captain Morgan. My costume is extremely badass.

Now I need to go find my neck frills...
Mario said:
I'm going as Rick Astley.

EDIT: Just saw your post, grossaffe. :awesome:
There was a Rick Astley at the party I went to. He had the look down pretty Dang good. Trenchcoat plus black clothes. About the same build, complexion, and even had the red hair at the right length.

oh, and may as well post the Zapp Brannigan pic here.


Imagine seeing that thing at the top of the stairs when you're at the bottom.
I went as the Engineer.


I ended up looking just about exactly like that picture, except I'm taller and have much longer hair than he does.