GBC on a ds lite


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Alright I got an idea to make a converter to be able to play GBC and GB games on my ds. my basic idea was to take the orginail gba filler and wire a gba cart slot to it. Would this work?
No. But there is a way.

If for whatever reason you do not have a flashcart, get one. I have an M3DS Real and love it. Check out the options availible, perhaps you want a DSi compatible one. I've heard the M3i Zero is the best one. A RAM expansion is useful for some homebrew and for playing GBA games but not necessary. If you are wondering I have teh M3DS Real Perfect bundle with the flashcart, GBA/RAM expansion, and Rumble Pak. Whatever you get make sure you can get a DLDI patch; autopatching is even better. Set up your flash cart and play with it a while.

Then go on the interwebz and get lameboy. Patch it (if necessary) and put it on your flashcart. Put some ROMS on your cart as well, doesn't matter where. Then put it in your DS, turn it on, and start up lameboy. Congratulations! GBC on your DS. The emulator is fairly accurate and plays most games just fine. It supports RTC, save games, SGB, and includes fast mode and save states. I use it for playing old Pokemon games mostly, but some others too. Don't let the 0.12 version number discourage you. It's stable and works great.
I have a flashcart. r4. Just thought it'd be cool. Also have lameboy, But i find the snes and nes better