Backlight Gameboy Pocket


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I'm pretty stoked as to how this came out, considering how much work I put into it.
Used Bibin's tutorial, of course :D
For a first try, nice!

Is the light leak to the left of the screen noticeable in person?
Nah not really, cameras tend to wash out so it's definitely over exaggerated in the picture. It looks slick in person.
Bummer, everyone's succeeding on their first try when I've messed up twice already. Good job, by the way. :)
I accidentally messed up my first LCD. But I had just bought another Gameboy Pocket from a friend for the white PCB, so I used that one. So technically it's my second try. You'll get it my friend. Patience.
J.D said:
That sticky is just getting bigger and bigger.

Thats what she said. :awesome:

But seriously, nice job! It looks really nice, and I agree that cameras tend to vastly exaggerate the lighting flaws.