Anyone got a Dell Laptop? I need the charger pinout.


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So as you might see, Dells have propriety charging plugs. Instead of an outer ring (negative) and an inner hole (positive), the Dell connector has an outer ring (negative), Inner ring (positive) and a really really thin center pin (???).

I need to know what the center pin does. The original power supply on the dell conked out. I grafted an old 19V laptop PSU to the connector, leaving the center pin unconnected. The laptop boots but won't charge. Maybe it's 5 volts which I can give by putting a 7805 inline? Or (hope not) some propriety handshaking.
UPDATE: Success!

I googled for information then I smashed open the original PSU and found some propriety 1-wire handshaking protocol. I took this part of the PCB and wired it in. Works like a charm.