360's new 250GB HDD and Wi-Fi Adapter


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The Xbox 360 is getting a 250GB HDD.
And a new Wi-Fi Adapter that supports 802.11n

Both will be horribly overpriced, just like their predecessors.

This isn't very significant to me personally though I'm sure many owners of the Xbox 360 will be happy to hear this for one reason or another.

That is all.
I'm glad that I decided to hold off on buying new xbox stuff. But how can they overprice it even more, is the 256GB as expensive as an xbox 360 itself? Microsoft you rip off monopoly! :evil2:

By the way, link to the story?
Why can't you just plug your own drive in? It's just SATA but OH NO! Microsoft had to put in some weird lockout so you have to buy THEIR OVERPRICED DRIVE!

I'm glad I didn't buy a 360. The thing is a money sink.