1. MiseriesChild

    GCp Worklog - MiseriesChild's GameCube Proto Ver. 1

    Well, it seems that I have missed the bandwagon by a few years when it comes to making portable console systems and such. Even though people have moved on to bigger and better things I decided to try my hand at a GameCube Portable I’ve named “GameCube Proto Ver. 1”. Since this is my first...
  2. Blargaman91

    First Wii Portable - Worklog

    This is my first Wii portable system. I tried to make it very "Wii" by painting it all white and including some Wii remote buttons and player LEDs. Its dimensions are 176 mm x 94 mm x 29 mm. These are the highlighted features: - Vacuum formed case, all hand crafted - An internal Wii remote...