1. A

    Wode Jukebox 2 available for sale

    hello there, I have two of the wode jukebox for wii can be used on the wii or gamecube portable projects. admin / mod am i allowed to post contact info as Base64 text? will post pictures soon
  2. K

    About the Wii remote...

    I have little to no knowledge about electronics, so I wanted to get some knowledge as I prepared the materials to make a Portable Wii. My question is "Can I replace the movement sensor with a Touch Screen?" If not, would it be possible to replace the pointer with something else?
  3. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop 2.0

    Hello everyone! This is an update to a project I started nearly 2 years ago and thought I was done, only to have the board completely fry when I attempted to run letterbomb. By that point that was I believe the 3rd board that had gone bad, so I hung the project up indefinitely. Fast forward to...
  4. The amazing skeleton


    Hello, This is my first Worklog on here, and my first Wii portable. I have some experience in other projects, like rpi's, and ds(lite) modding. I plan to fit the Wii in a dmg, like Gman did. I want to try to fit an OMGWTF trim into the case, I am pretty sure, with some thoughtful planning; I...
  5. nobble

    Wiikipad Switch: Wii/Raspberry Pi Zero W (2-in-1 Portable)

    Hey MR! Nobble is building a hybrid portable. Mainly Wii based, but with a berry good twist I'm back with yet another Portable. This time I'll be using a Wii. The screen will be a 7" LCD (L7009) LINK GameVice Wikipad for the case. GC+ for controls. 7.4v 2S2P batteries. 4x 18650s! TI...
  6. legofan623

    [$80] Custom RGB LED Gamecube Controllers

    EDIT: I have sold this particular controller now and cannot make any more of them I'm interested in getting into the custom controller business and this is my first go at something pretty neat that I hope there's a market for. This controller has 4 7-color RGB LED's inside a clear back shell...
  7. J

    Wii Briefcase

    Hey! I'm new here, and I thought that I would post about a project me and my two brothers are doing. I haven't seen anyone doing this before, so hopefully you will get something out if it! Either way we call it the Wii Briefcase. We wanted to be able to play our beloved N64- and GameCube-games...
  8. S

    Does know how to install usb loader with a mac?

    does anyone know how to install Usb Loader or any other wii/gamecube loader with a mac, I don't have a PC and I don't know what to do and I need help.
  9. Blargaman91

    First Wii Portable - Worklog

    This is my first Wii portable system. I tried to make it very "Wii" by painting it all white and including some Wii remote buttons and player LEDs. Its dimensions are 176 mm x 94 mm x 29 mm. These are the highlighted features: - Vacuum formed case, all hand crafted - An internal Wii remote...
  10. S

    Wii Key Fusion Crashes my wii HELP!!!

    I installed a wasp fusion to my wii, I turn on my wii and it's gets stuck on the disk menu for a few seconds then a disk error pops up, I have the correct region settings on the wasp board, I'm not sure what to do.
  11. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on the forums. I just finished my first portable system a few days ago. I basically modded the board a bit, took off a few components, and attached a screen to the existing Wii housing. Right now it runs off a charger still, but I will be putting a portable...
  12. S

    Green Led but no video output

    Hello modders, I've been watching this forum for a longer time to get more knowledge about console modding, especially Nintendos. I started my own Wii Portable project two weeks ago and everything went fine. So today I wanted to test the Wii if it's still working after removing all the...