wii portable

  1. S

    Wii Portable for sale

    Hey everyone! I'm an active member over on BitBuilt! I posted this over there already but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone is interested. It makes me sick to sell this because I love it, but the WiiP I am currently working on needs some funding. :p So I'm going to sell this to someone...
  2. M

    duo console question

    I am planning a dual console, wii/ps2 the ps2 will resemble ashen's build with the disc drive, but the entire console will also include a wii complete with sensor, I was curious as to how hard it will be to hardwire this handheld to be compatible with not only just one controller working for...
  3. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Portable... Recommended battery?

    I'm making my second wii portable, focusing more on aesthetics this time as I plan to sell this one. I want to put an internal battery in this one so it will be completely portable. I know it has to have 12v output to work with the wii, but does anyone have any recommendations? Also what would...