wii laptop

  1. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop 2.0

    Hello everyone! This is an update to a project I started nearly 2 years ago and thought I was done, only to have the board completely fry when I attempted to run letterbomb. By that point that was I believe the 3rd board that had gone bad, so I hung the project up indefinitely. Fast forward to...
  2. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Portable... Recommended battery?

    I'm making my second wii portable, focusing more on aesthetics this time as I plan to sell this one. I want to put an internal battery in this one so it will be completely portable. I know it has to have 12v output to work with the wii, but does anyone have any recommendations? Also what would...
  3. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on the forums. I just finished my first portable system a few days ago. I basically modded the board a bit, took off a few components, and attached a screen to the existing Wii housing. Right now it runs off a charger still, but I will be putting a portable...