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    Please help with wasp fusion

    Hey guys! I'm building my first gamecube portable and it has a megadrive v3 with a wasprivate fusion and I am unsure how to get swiss to load it giveseems me the message to insert a game disc when I go to gameplay it has very quick flashes of reading disc and the blue light flickers on my...
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    Wii Key Fusion Crashes my wii HELP!!!

    I installed a wasp fusion to my wii, I turn on my wii and it's gets stuck on the disk menu for a few seconds then a disk error pops up, I have the correct region settings on the wasp board, I'm not sure what to do.
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    Where Can I Buy A WASP Fusion?

    I know they sell some at badassconsoles.com but they haven't been in stock for a while