1. frostedfires

    Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

    Transformed my friends SNES Classic into a Nintendo 64 Classic after it caught on fire... Ended up keeping it and giving him my SNES Classic so he wouldn't be without one.
  2. Dan B

    Do I need a reset button?

    I am going to stripping down my (PAL) Super Nintendo to rehouse it in a custom case. I will be removing the Eject button and mechanism and was thinking about removing the Reset button along with it. Does anyone know of any reason to keep the reset button on the console?
  3. Seth Sharp

    SNES LED wiring?

    Im currently the proccess of doing a custom paint job for a SNES. Its being made to premote a local car club. The plan is to wire LED Ribbons on the inside to glow a cool purple out of the created vents. The question is, can I wire the 12VDC LEDs into the power switch when the SNES has a 10VDC...