raspberry pi

  1. wolborg

    Another Pi in a GameBoy

    Finished as it's going to get now that I've almost finished the case in Fusion 360 for the next one.
  2. DarkWing

    PS2 SMB with a Raspberry Pi or how to load games at near full speed

    While playing with this setup I was taking some notes an though compiling this into a step by step guide would benefit the community more than sitting on my laptop so after a bit of effort there it is. This guide will help you setting up a Raspberry Pi to stream games to a PS2. The point of...
  3. legofan623

    YARPP [Yet Another Raspberry Pi Portable]

    Here's my thinking: It's gonna use a Hubsan X4 H107D controller, Logitech F310 donor controller, and a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I'll keep this thread posted as I get to work on it, for now I'm collecting everything I'm gonna need. It's not the prettiest thing in the world but hey, who said my...
  4. zeldaxpro

    Looking for someone to commission with excellent desoldering/soldering skills.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who is very capable of desoldering ports on a PCB Board. I have a Raspberry Pi 3, and am looking for someone to desolder the ports on it as shown: Before: What I am looking for: If anyone is capable of doing a commission like this, please PM...
  5. TheLuthier

    PiSP Pocket

    About 6 months ago, I stumbled onto the Ben Heck Show and binge-watched several episodes before stumbling into this fascinating world of hardware modding. It wasn't long before I deciding to try a project, and here it is: The "PiSP Pocket"! I.e. a raspberry pi crammed into a gameboy pocket. The...