1. Pennywise

    Powering a PS2 Portable

    Hi all, I'm want to start designing a PS2 Portable but I'm clueless when it comes to powering the thing. I know it runs off 8.5v, but I dont plan on keeping the disk drive so maybe a little lower (?) The plan was to use Li-on cells or a Li-poly pad, which will need a regulator (in parallel?)...
  2. Menfa

    Questions about import Dreamcast and Powerboards

    Hello! This is my first time posting, I'm unsure if I should put this under Dreamcast modding or voltage, if I should repost elsewhere on this site please do tell. I live in Australia (PAL) and I want to get a Dreamcast. I've been watching Dreamcast prices on Ebay for a while now, but the...
  3. M

    GameCube portable help

    so I'm going to keep this short and then expand if needed. The only thing I've done to the GameCube is removed ports on the bottom and taken off the display port. It's. rev c board. For some reason, the GameCube will now power on for approx. 1/2 a second and then appears to shut off, but I'm...
  4. J

    Making a PS go portable - battery help

    We're making an original playstation go portable but we need to make a battery circuit - and therefore need to create a battery circuit. It plugs in to a monitor which has a power supply of 12V 7 W and the Playstation's power is 50Hz 10W. Do you know what parts we need etc to be able to make...
  5. J

    Fleshing out an idea (Car Cube)

    So, I'm thinking about making a gamecube just for the car. I think it'd be a pretty straight forward mod, no batteries, using OEM controllers, etc. Something I can play when waiting around in my car. 1.) Would running a cube/screen off of my car's 12V cigarette lighter adapter be a good idea...
  6. S

    Wall power and AV out

    hi guys another noob with his first post. Can't seem to find any info on how to get a working GCP setup that can play off original AC adapter (as well as battery when switched) and can be plugged in to a tv when desired. Since I have so little mod experience I was originally planning on doing...
  7. M

    Battery Help

    So I'm trying to build a portable GameCube. This is my first ever attempt for anything this challenging, so it is extremely possible that I just completely screwed up. I have a completely stock DOL-001 GameCube without a single thing done to it other than being taken apart. I've run 8 AA...