1. nobble

    Attiny85 UFO ESCAPE Micro Handheld Game. (WORLDS SMALLEST GAMEBOY?!??)

    Hope you all had a fun Merica Day! Over the weekend I finished my first project involving programming in Arduino using an Attiny85 Microcontroller. It is a micro usb rechargeable OLED game less than 2" tall. Plays like Helicopter or Flappybird...
  2. TheLuthier

    PiSP Pocket

    About 6 months ago, I stumbled onto the Ben Heck Show and binge-watched several episodes before stumbling into this fascinating world of hardware modding. It wasn't long before I deciding to try a project, and here it is: The "PiSP Pocket"! I.e. a raspberry pi crammed into a gameboy pocket. The...
  3. Nikoil

    NGCP by Nikoil

    NGCP Many year ago when i was in school every week i watched Xplay tv show. Xplay make review on top best gamecube game. When it was i has only dandy. Then I think it best console in world. I very much wanted to get her for Christmas but..... And now after 10 year when i find this forum and...