1. paulieg

    PS1 Modded Consoles with MM3 Modchip

    Hello modding experts just wanted to get your opinions on these newly finished PS1 MM3 Modded Consoles? 1-10 on the mods? Don't be too nice I know you guys are experts. Paulie
  2. Pennywise

    Powering a PS2 Portable

    Hi all, I'm want to start designing a PS2 Portable but I'm clueless when it comes to powering the thing. I know it runs off 8.5v, but I dont plan on keeping the disk drive so maybe a little lower (?) The plan was to use Li-on cells or a Li-poly pad, which will need a regulator (in parallel?)...
  3. J

    Making a PS go portable - battery help

    We're making an original playstation go portable but we need to make a battery circuit - and therefore need to create a battery circuit. It plugs in to a monitor which has a power supply of 12V 7 W and the Playstation's power is 50Hz 10W. Do you know what parts we need etc to be able to make...
  4. M

    Ps2 Portable (as minimal as possible)

    Hi! I've been reading for a few weeks about ps2 portable projects (with quite good results) and I've decided to try to make one just like I'd like to be (dimensions, specs... etc). I found this forum looking for somewhere to learn a bit about ps2 motherboard and "how to" tutorials, but I've got...