1. Menfa

    Questions about import Dreamcast and Powerboards

    Hello! This is my first time posting, I'm unsure if I should put this under Dreamcast modding or voltage, if I should repost elsewhere on this site please do tell. I live in Australia (PAL) and I want to get a Dreamcast. I've been watching Dreamcast prices on Ebay for a while now, but the...
  2. N74

    NUS-CPU(P) 01 fail to boot a game

    Hi, I try to repair a PAL N64. Was in working order last time I see it... I've try a lot of things : Clean everything into the console. Check that the cartridge port is connected to RCP, CPU and PIF (Thank you Beta for your drawing!). Check that nothing is short (CPU, RCP, RAM). Check 3.3V...