1. frostedfires

    Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

    Transformed my friends SNES Classic into a Nintendo 64 Classic after it caught on fire... Ended up keeping it and giving him my SNES Classic so he wouldn't be without one.
  2. A

    the Gamecube Advance

    This is another Gamecube portable, the lightest and smallest I ever made. It took me roughly 2 months to build and plan everything some specs: solid plastic (PLA) 3D printed case 5inch HD Display built in 56blocks Memory Card (original) built in DVD drive (original) the controller I used took...
  3. I

    First gamecube portable need some help!

    Hello everybody! This is going to be my first build and I have done a lot of research and bought tools and parts, I still have some unanswered questions though. #1 I don't have any clue what to look for in a screen? Should it have a board would I solder av cables right on? Also for batteries...
  4. Josiah [Modding Newbie]

    Selling Portable Gamecube [SOLD]

    Hello! I am selling my Portable Gamecube, Just PM on here and we can work something out. Here's a picture of the Gamecube.