1. A

    Wode Jukebox 2 available for sale

    hello there, I have two of the wode jukebox for wii can be used on the wii or gamecube portable projects. admin / mod am i allowed to post contact info as Base64 text? will post pictures soon
  2. paulieg

    PS1 Modded Consoles with MM3 Modchip

    Hello modding experts just wanted to get your opinions on these newly finished PS1 MM3 Modded Consoles? 1-10 on the mods? Don't be too nice I know you guys are experts. Paulie
  3. Keirstin Bloom

    Xenogc modchip info

    I am writing a guide for xeno gc modchipping a gamecube, because there is some info out there that I wasn't able to find while searching, and I had to learn through hours of time wasted. First of all: I buy my modchips off of eBay for $3-8 each. They are varying clones of the actual xeno chip...