1. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop 2.0

    Hello everyone! This is an update to a project I started nearly 2 years ago and thought I was done, only to have the board completely fry when I attempted to run letterbomb. By that point that was I believe the 3rd board that had gone bad, so I hung the project up indefinitely. Fast forward to...
  2. Menfa

    Questions about import Dreamcast and Powerboards

    Hello! This is my first time posting, I'm unsure if I should put this under Dreamcast modding or voltage, if I should repost elsewhere on this site please do tell. I live in Australia (PAL) and I want to get a Dreamcast. I've been watching Dreamcast prices on Ebay for a while now, but the...
  3. Dan B

    Do I need a reset button?

    I am going to stripping down my (PAL) Super Nintendo to rehouse it in a custom case. I will be removing the Eject button and mechanism and was thinking about removing the Reset button along with it. Does anyone know of any reason to keep the reset button on the console?
  4. legofan623

    [$80] Custom RGB LED Gamecube Controllers

    EDIT: I have sold this particular controller now and cannot make any more of them I'm interested in getting into the custom controller business and this is my first go at something pretty neat that I hope there's a market for. This controller has 4 7-color RGB LED's inside a clear back shell...
  5. MorganTheAdventurer

    SEGA Genesis Radica Portable

    Hello, I'm working on my first portable system, a Sega Genesis portable, and ran into some problems. So I figured id post some stuff here and hopefully get some help and show off what I have so far. sorry for the basic photo's. its a bit of a mess right now and I didn't think of taking progress...
  6. Jonathan Holt

    Wii Laptop

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on the forums. I just finished my first portable system a few days ago. I basically modded the board a bit, took off a few components, and attached a screen to the existing Wii housing. Right now it runs off a charger still, but I will be putting a portable...
  7. M

    Ps2 Portable (as minimal as possible)

    Hi! I've been reading for a few weeks about ps2 portable projects (with quite good results) and I've decided to try to make one just like I'd like to be (dimensions, specs... etc). I found this forum looking for somewhere to learn a bit about ps2 motherboard and "how to" tutorials, but I've got...