1. B

    How do I wire my GC controller to my Game Cube?

    okay so I'm building my first portable console, and I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to wire the gamecube controller directly to the gamecube! I have a DOL-101 GC.
  2. R

    Help finding a case for my portable?

    Hi all. First time poster. Recently i came into ownership of 3 gamecubes. God knows what i was going to do with them all so i took it upon myself to look into making a portable. Anyway i think i have a good idea on what i need to do and all the parts i need. I know how to solder and I built my...
  3. N

    SD Gecko Emulator Help Needed

    Hi everyone, I haven't really messed around with SD Gecko, home-brew or emulators on the GameCube before and I'm a bit stuck. I have a WASP Fusion with Swiss auto boot and a SD Gecko. My question is how to I install the emulators and Games. And my second question, how do you play them! I just...
  4. Ocean Child

    Double Checking Batteries / Monitor Before Ordering

    Hey friends, I was hoping to build a GCP, and was wondering if you could confirm that these batteries are fine to use, and if you could help me pick out an LCD display to use. I've listed 3 displays I got from a quick search for 'tft lcd' on Amazon. Batteries ...
  5. N

    Gamecube controller question

    Hi everyone, Just had a quick question. Planning on using two controller boards in my portable to make things easier. One at the front for all the buttons. And one at the back for the triggers and Z button, this way I don't have to make any brackets or hinges for the triggers. The gamecube...
  6. M

    GameCube portable help

    so I'm going to keep this short and then expand if needed. The only thing I've done to the GameCube is removed ports on the bottom and taken off the display port. It's. rev c board. For some reason, the GameCube will now power on for approx. 1/2 a second and then appears to shut off, but I'm...
  7. m00k

    Gamecube battery question

    I am planning on building a portable gamecube and am gathering the necessary components. I have a question about the power supply though. I managed to salvage 6 samsung ICR18650-22F Li-on batteries from the power supply but they don't have protection circuits. I found a 6 slot 18650 charger and...
  8. M

    Battery Help

    So I'm trying to build a portable GameCube. This is my first ever attempt for anything this challenging, so it is extremely possible that I just completely screwed up. I have a completely stock DOL-001 GameCube without a single thing done to it other than being taken apart. I've run 8 AA...