1. DefaultLik

    My first (and bad) portable GameCube

    **Edit** It's so bad, I want to make another one, but I don't have a second WiiKeys or WASPs laying around and a WODE is big and expensive D: Does anyone know where to find one? I want some redundancy incase i fry/kill my only WASP. I will at some point build a WiiPortable but i still have...
  2. R

    Help finding a case for my portable?

    Hi all. First time poster. Recently i came into ownership of 3 gamecubes. God knows what i was going to do with them all so i took it upon myself to look into making a portable. Anyway i think i have a good idea on what i need to do and all the parts i need. I know how to solder and I built my...
  3. N

    Gamecube controller question

    Hi everyone, Just had a quick question. Planning on using two controller boards in my portable to make things easier. One at the front for all the buttons. And one at the back for the triggers and Z button, this way I don't have to make any brackets or hinges for the triggers. The gamecube...
  4. I

    Please help with wasp fusion

    Hey guys! I'm building my first gamecube portable and it has a megadrive v3 with a wasprivate fusion and I am unsure how to get swiss to load it giveseems me the message to insert a game disc when I go to gameplay it has very quick flashes of reading disc and the blue light flickers on my...
  5. MiseriesChild

    GCp Worklog - MiseriesChild's GameCube Proto Ver. 1

    Well, it seems that I have missed the bandwagon by a few years when it comes to making portable console systems and such. Even though people have moved on to bigger and better things I decided to try my hand at a GameCube Portable I’ve named “GameCube Proto Ver. 1”. Since this is my first...
  6. Josiah [Modding Newbie]

    Selling Portable Gamecube [SOLD]

    Hello! I am selling my Portable Gamecube, Just PM on here and we can work something out. Here's a picture of the Gamecube.