game cube

  1. A

    Wode Jukebox 2 available for sale

    hello there, I have two of the wode jukebox for wii can be used on the wii or gamecube portable projects. admin / mod am i allowed to post contact info as Base64 text? will post pictures soon
  2. Keirstin Bloom

    GameCube portable player 2 slot?

    Hello modders! I am working on my first gamecube portable and came across something I couldn't seem to find much information on. I want to have a built in controller 1 (done) while also having an external port for player 2. I can't seem to find a diagram of how to wire p2 though. Any help...
  3. Nikoil

    NGCP by Nikoil

    NGCP Many year ago when i was in school every week i watched Xplay tv show. Xplay make review on top best gamecube game. When it was i has only dandy. Then I think it best console in world. I very much wanted to get her for Christmas but..... And now after 10 year when i find this forum and...