1. topherpharmer

    Trouble Recording Inputs on ATmega328P

    Hello all! I'm a second year Computer Engineering Student and my summer project is creating a modifiable NES controller using only the chip on the Arduino UNO. I was able to get my controller to interface with the console by connecting the two external interrupts to the NES's LATCH and PULSE...
  2. N

    Hacking a GC With an Arduino?

    Hello! I am new to this community and have really wanted to start making a GameCube portable. I have a motherboard that I can use as well as many of the other components, but sadly, though I've already spent a lot on it, I will never be able to my hands on a Wiki/Wasp Fusion or other $50+...
  3. nobble

    Attiny85 UFO ESCAPE Micro Handheld Game. (WORLDS SMALLEST GAMEBOY?!??)

    Hope you all had a fun Merica Day! Over the weekend I finished my first project involving programming in Arduino using an Attiny85 Microcontroller. It is a micro usb rechargeable OLED game less than 2" tall. Plays like Helicopter or Flappybird...