WiiCube Fusion COMPLETE. My First ever portable

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by lyberty5, May 12, 2012.

  1. lyberty5

    lyberty5 Well-Known Member

    Finally closed this one up, thanks to everyone here. Made a video detailing everything.
    Enjoy !

    Here are a few pics


    Specs and facts :

    Vacc formed case about 18x10x4 cm
    PAL cube
    3.5" ebay screen
    No batteries this time, guess it was too much for a first :rolleyes:
    I actually had to go with a start button on top of a tact for Z, because of bad measurements
    Wiikey fusion equiped thanks to Ashen and every one here
    Took about 6 month to build
    Litterally ruined the paint job putting stuff in :(
    HD on the back are actually my initials

    I was going for a comfy portable that plays nicely, and it is! I guess I'm satisfied with that only :awesome:
  2. bud

    bud DAT ASS

    I love the blue! Looks super comfy too :awesome:
  3. Ashen

    Ashen GameCube Révolutionary

    I love this thing man! So ergonomic and sleek! Indeed it looks super comfy to hold. It turned out beautiful, especially for your first one. Well done. :D

    Also.... You guys and your epic presentation video's... Looks like I'll have to spend more time on mine from now on.
  4. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    I need to stop judging how things will turn out based on the name...
    This is great, and you should be proud to play it.

    I like the blue. It makes it seem more homemade... In a good way. I feel like it shows more personality than a lot of the recent portables, and that's why you should be so proud. Looking great at the same time as showing it's custom. Great job

    Now give it some batteries. :p
  5. lyberty5

    lyberty5 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot but what do you mean about the whole name thing, is it a lame name?
  6. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    It always confused me because it seems really close to names both of Ashen's portable and to the Wiikey...
  7. bentomo

    bentomo Frequent Poster

    Wow dude that's awesome! So sleek and clean, really nice job with this one, your name is going to become more popular.

    And it's so dang tiny!
  8. Tchay

    Tchay Frequent Poster


    Lovely little cube you've got there. And good job on the epic presentation vid. Lets keep on raising the bar for presentations.

    And you should show that modretro animation to palmer. Seriously.

    As for the paint job, if you do around 10 layers of paint, the scratches will never go deep enough to show up. A little trick I learned from the mighty Hailrazer when I was painting the Ccube.
  9. SonyQrio

    SonyQrio Frequent Poster

    This is definitely one of my favorite portables. Well done!
  10. Joeyjoe9876

    Joeyjoe9876 Frequent Poster

    already said this on youtube, but I'll say it again. I really love this case, it looks extremely comfortable :)
  11. ToastBucket

    ToastBucket tost

    This is slick. Nice.
  12. marcello1

    marcello1 Newb

    • This looks amazing! :mrgreen:
  13. superben51

    superben51 Well-Known Member

    Very nice! :D
  14. Ashen

    Ashen GameCube Révolutionary

    Seriously man, that intro is awesome. Would you mind uploading it somewhere so we can all make use of it?
  15. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

    Really nice, clean portable!

    Have you considered putting any sort of decals on the space beneath the screen?
  16. lyberty5

    lyberty5 Well-Known Member

    Seriously , that intro is awesome. Would you mind uploading it somewhere so we can all make use of it?[/quote]

    I wouldn't mind, of course. To be honest I made it because I though we could all have the same intro. Not necessarly this one.
    Glad you like it, I'd be happy to uppload it but I don't know where except newgrounds.

    If ever you do want it, let me do a few modifications, because i think it looks messy ^^

    Anyways thanks a lot to everyone ! Your thoughts are the ones of great portabilizers, they mean everything to me :awesome:

    EDIT: btw, how do you guys embed links within pics or links within text in your signatures? Thanks
  17. vskid3

    vskid3 Well-Known Member

    Sweet job, especially for a first. The screen position kind of put me off at first, but when I saw how tiny it was when you were holding it in the video, all was forgiven. :awesome:
  18. ToastBucket

    ToastBucket tost

    Throw a rendered video file (highest quality you can without getting a ridiculous file size) up on mediafire.
  19. J.D

    J.D No Stranger To Love

    Mediafire is a cluster*Can'tSayThisOnTV* now.
  20. unicycler17

    unicycler17 Well-Known Member

    This is beautiful.

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