What is this cable sticking out the back of my ps1?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gutsygibbion, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Hello!

    Recently, my friend gave me a ps1. He lives in a hotel, and found a stack of them in his basement. However, these don't seem to be normal - they have a red rca cable coming out the back (just underneath the AV multi-out)! There is also a sticker that says "prodac" on it, along with some serial numbers. My friend says that the systems were used for some sort of "on demand" gaming service in the hotel rooms back in the day, and so our guess is that this cable is for older TV's or something, and the systems were modded to support them.
    Anyway, I would quite like to know what this is, even if you can only offer a guess. I have tried plugging it into a composite port and an audio port, but nothing happened. I'm willing to open it up if you think it's necessary. It might be worth mentioning that the AV out still works on the system, as does seemingly everything else. Thank you in advance!
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    It probably plugged into a TV/Game Switch or something of that nature. If you really want to test that theory, you can get one of these (although you can certainly buy them cheaper elsewhere).
  3. OK, that's kinda what we thought too, but thanks anyway!
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    You should post a picture. The only Playstation hotel console I have heard about is this one, where it's just a box and not an actual console like it seems that you have.

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    Bumping this for interest, pics please!

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