WatsuG's third N64p

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by watsug, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    I'm building another N64p. Hopefully will this be finished before September 30, so I can enter Hailraizers competiton :)
    Yesterday I got my screen and batteries + charger.
    The case is a WiiU hardcase

    Before trimming. It's an NUS CPU (P) - 01. Also the jumper pack is bent.

    Trimmed up and working :) The screen is a 5" ebay screen

    Still waiting for a few parts in the mail. Plus I have to order a PTH08080. Ti doesn't let me order samples with my gmail address :evil2:
  2. minnieman

    minnieman Member

    I feel your pain brother, it wouldnt let me order any samples either. 10 bucks for a pth08000was... OUCH.
  3. hailrazer

    hailrazer Frequent Poster

    Wow so you're getting angry because you can't take advantage of a company.

    Might want to rethink your misplaced frustration.
  4. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    It worked before, plus I haven't found a Swedish retailer that sells to individuals, only to companies. I get your point though.
    Oh well, was able to order from arrow components North America :)

    Worked some on my case too. Taped it

    Filled with ABS cement

    Semismooth on the outside. Will fill the bubbles with Loctite Repair putty
  5. MickJordy

    MickJordy Member

    The Wii U hardcase is a brilliant idea! We also had the idea to make a portable gamecube in a wii U case, but first we have to get some more skils ;D

    Anyways good luck with your portable WatsuG!

  6. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jordy! :)

    Worked a little on my case. Cut the hole for the cart slot.

    The game will stick out on the back.

    Hopefully cart slot relocation tomorrow :D
  7. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Successful cartslot relocation :D
  8. brunoip

    brunoip Modder Extraordinaire

    that case looks awesome
  9. thecasperrojas

    thecasperrojas Well-Known Member

    :eek: freaking awsome the cardtrige idea :eek:
  10. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! :mrgreen:

    Finally got my PIC programmer in the mail today. Programmed and wired up a 12F683 cube64-dx adaptor. Works great and it's pretty small :D


    Now can I start frankencasing my case. The regulators are on their way in the mail, then I got all the parts decided except audio amp (got one at home but haven't tested it yet). Hopefully I will make it, there's only one month left...
  11. MickJordy

    MickJordy Member

    Hey WatsuG,

    How did you got the sample regulators from texas instruments? I signed up using an aol e-mail acount. But when I go to my sample card the quantity is 0 and I can't change it...

    Anyways, did you make any progress on your portable the last couple of days?


    Edit: got them shipped, but TI mentions that i might need to pay EORI or something.. So what happens now when they are deliverd? If I need to pay to the postman my parents probably kill me :p
  12. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have made a little progress, mostly on the case.

    ABS-cemented it in/sanded it down

    Applied filler (Hagmans Stålplast micro)

    Sanded it semismooth, there's quite a few holes that need to be filled a second time.

    Now I'm trying to figure out how it will hold together. Will probably get screewposts as gman did on his case.
  13. gman

    gman Well-Known Member

    It looks great so far. Did the case crack at the top? Make sure you really secure that. Screw posts are quite tricky with these cases
  14. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    It didn't crack, I actually cut it. When I ABS-cemented everything down and let it dry the ABS-cement shrunk a little bit, making the top a little higher causing a gap between the screen plastic and the rest of the case. So I cut away a little piece and it's better now. I first patched it up using just filler but ended up securing it tightly from the back with ABS-cement.
  15. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    The case didn't turn out like I wanted it to, so I decided to make a new case. It's an old zyxel modem, much like my Second64. The thing that killed the last case was all the filling and sanding, so this will be done as much as possible with just cutting the holes.

    The case after I cut with buttons held up with tape.

    After painting, the colour isn't a little light, but I already had it at home

    Here's the photobucket album

    I will probably clearcoat on Wednesday and then start installing the components :D
  16. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Today I installed the front of the portable
    The colour isn't really that bleurgh, it's mostly cause of bad lighting.

    The batteries won't fit like originally planned, on each side of the motherboard, the Dpad and cstick are too thick, hopefully will fit lying down under the screen.
  17. Diminuendo

    Diminuendo Well-Known Member

    order a gba d-pad toreplace the gc one, it's the same size, just shorter
  18. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    I trimmed down the original dpad so it's thinner but great to know that gba ones are smaller :)

    I have another problem, but I found the cause. The start button and dpad sometimes didn't work, at first I couldn't figure out why, but after de and resoldering a gc controller socket and crosstesting with a stock controller I found the cause.
    The Cube64DX adapter has a "button program mode" that is accessed by holding the analog triggers down not all the way and pressing start, then pressing the two buttons in order to rebind them. Since my controller doesn't have analog sliders the controller think the triggers are always downpressed, causing pressing start to enter program mode.

    There's two options; reprogram the PIC and remove the feature or solve it at hardware level. I have a feeling the hardware way will be easier for me.

    What are the values of the potentiometer when the trigger is in untouched position? Will I need something like zenlocs trigger mod?
  19. watsug

    watsug Well-Known Member

    Hey, long time no work. I solved my problem with the Cube64DX by editing the code, removing all references I found to the analog triggers. And it worked, so thats great.

    This pictures are from June 2014, and it's the state the portable has been in since. Closed up, with only reinforcing the cartslot and fabricate a cartslot cover left to do.

    Found a food container that fit the n64 cart well enough. Painted it purple like the front. Just have to glue it in place.

    Now, I have a problem, my batterytime is flax. Tried playing it and could play mario 64 for 17 minutes. They are 7,4v camcorder battery pack, says 2000mah on the cells. Take about 2h to charge with the camcorder charger. Shouldn't these batteries give closer to an hour playtime?

    Cause? Fake rating, degraded performance over time or something else?
  20. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    Sweeeeet case. I love the screen to body ratio.

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