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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by notsosleepy, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. notsosleepy

    notsosleepy Member

    Hi guys after a very good day at the carboot sale i came home with 2 consoles a ps1 fat and a psone also around 15 playstation 2 games and a portable dvd player with video and audio in and a 7 inch screen .now i allready managed to get the ps one running on the dvd screen after doing some MacGyver style cable modding the picture is very good and the sound quality is a thousand times better than i expected from such a small set of speakers .

    Now its obvious that a ps one portable from here would be pretty simple with only the controller and power to sort out but my question is would it be too simple considering i have around 5 psp handhelds lying around the place that can do everything and more that anything i could build from said parts could achieve ?

    i was thinking of maybe a gamecube portable but this would be my very first attempt at a portable
    (starting to regret saying psone would be simple)lol anyway what do you guys think i would love to make a gamecube portable but maybe its a step too far too soon

    i have lots of consoles lying around including
    master systems
    mega drives
    playstation 1s
    playtations 2s
    only 1 nes :(
    i have a dreamcast on its way
    5 xbox 360s
    2 playstation3s
    a nintendo wii
    4 or 5 psps
    3 nintendo gamecubes

    should i make a 16 bit portable maybe ??
    oh also anyone living in the uk im looking for a snes if there is anything in the list above you
    would like to trade for a snes i would be glad to hear from you

    im sitting on a milliuon ideas guys give me some guidance please before i go ahead and start something destined to fail

    thanks guys
  2. NotBoFoSho

    NotBoFoSho Member

    Go with what you have interest in working on and playing.
    Nothing is worse than working on a project you do not truly enjoy.
    This is a hobby, Just have fun!

    There is very little difference in working on one console versus another.
    All have there hurdles to overcome.

    Things to consider are:

    Portabilize whatever you feel would be worth the time and effort.
  3. notsosleepy

    notsosleepy Member

    ah thanks i was hoping somebody would say that im itching to try a gc portable lol

    the battery thing will be the biggest issue i think i have lots but i doubt any of them will be any good for what i want im assuming i cant use the following

    laptop battery
    large rc car battery
    (note the portable dvd player has a battery but appears not to charge)

    my budget is virtualy zero as i have children lol

    i forgot to mention that my little haul at the carboot sale today only cost me 2 pounds!!
    i have hundreds of switches leds cables

    i have acess to a vacume forming machine (not strictly authorised access but access non the less)

    i am quite experianced in a programme called blender which i will use to design my case

    did i mention i cant spell very well :p
  4. NotBoFoSho

    NotBoFoSho Member

    Glad to see you replied so fast!

    What laptop is the battery from? Cell type?
    (It would most likely need to be taken apart and rewired with a new Protection Circuit and need a new Charger.)

    RC batteries could work but most are pretty unreliable in quality/posted specifications.

    Have you considered holding off on a battery for now and adding it later.
    or Perhaps making a battery that clips to your belt/pants after the portable is complete.
    The DMG(Original Gameboy) Had such a battery.

    As for a case, Vacuum forming and Blender sound like a fantastic plan.
  5. Mawile

    Mawile Member

    you could take apart the laptop battery for the batterys.
    what console have you decided on?
    what voltage is the battery?
    and you will have to buy a charger for the battery.
    and a voltage regulator for the battery if the voltage is too high.

    also would i be able to get some ps1 fat's from you if you have a lot? :D
    i can PM for details.
  6. notsosleepy

    notsosleepy Member

    hi the laptop battery is 14.8 volts its taken from an old xp laptop i have managed to charge it from the original laptop charger the only thing is this battery is awfully heavy considering its size
    also it is a lithium ion battery at 4400mAh

    and i would be glad to send you a ps1 fat but i was looking to trade for a snes do you have anything to trade at all?
  7. Mawile

    Mawile Member

    hi I don't have any SNES's. Or anything i can think of to trade. i will send you a PM about other offers.

    If you are making a psone or a ps1 fat console portable then you could double the capacity and half the voltage of the battery's by wiring them in parallel.
    then you could have a 8800mAh battery at 7.4 volts and you could play for well over 6 hours of gaming without charging. however you may be unable to fit that into a small case and you will need to get a new protection circuit and charger. these are quite cheap though
  8. Mawile

    Mawile Member

    have you done the modeling in Blender yet for the case?
    is this project cancelled or is it still going?

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