The Pocket64

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by bud, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. bud

    bud DAT ASS

    World's smallest!
    376,954.18 cubic mm

    3.5" screen
    Built in expansion pak
    Dpad and L 
    3DS slider 
    Stereo sound with push button controls
    Ability to charge and play at the same time
    2500mah lithium polymer batteries
    Over two hours of battery life
    Low battery indicator

    Case: 5 3/8 x 3 7/16 x 1 1/4 inches

    To cm: 13.5525 x 8.73125 x 3.17500 cm

    To mm: 136 x 87 x 31

    Total cubic volume: 366,792 cubic mm

    Cart slot area: 8.3 x 68.4 x 17.9 mm

    Total cubic volume: 10,162.188

    Add it all together and you get 376,954.18 cubic mm.
  2. samjc3

    samjc3 #1 Female Member

    Very nice. I quite appreciate the colour scheme you use these days. It's good.
  3. Abyss

    Abyss I put the BRO in brony!

    That is quite the sex. Awesome work as usual, bud!
  4. Bush

    Bush sweet justice

    Sexy as usual
  5. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

  6. Drakon

    Drakon Active Member

  7. Life of Brian

    Life of Brian Active Member

    It's so small that you could take it anywhere with you! It's almost as if it's some kind of... portable!

    Great job!
  8. gman

    gman Well-Known Member

    Thats awesome man! Very small indeed.
  9. lyberty5

    lyberty5 Well-Known Member

    That's pretty impressive, and also good looking !
  10. DK

    DK Donkey>King

    Much like Bud himself ;)

    Imagine how small it could have been with an Everdrive 64 or the 64Drive.
  11. markus

    markus Member

    That is extremely nice looking! Excellent job! :D
  12. zeldaxpro

    zeldaxpro Well-Known Member

    Great job bud, it's by far your best work ever!!
  13. vskid3

    vskid3 Well-Known Member

    Dat small. Did you add the d-pad and L button just so no one could say "well technically..."? :tophat:
  14. bud

    bud DAT ASS

    Yes ;P
  15. Spiicyice

    Spiicyice Active Member

    That's amazing!
  16. lexxion83

    lexxion83 Member

    Great look, great build, great quality :)

    As always great job on this project.
  17. Life of Brian

    Life of Brian Active Member

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