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Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by Ashen, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. dark_samus

    dark_samus Active Member

    hey ashen why not add the controller transistor relocation? (maybe it's already there but I see only 1 reference to the transistors if it's there could you please make it more obvious so that people can be sure they are doing it right :awesome: )
  2. gman

    gman Well-Known Member

    Everything you need for transistor relocation is there. All it is, is just connecting the same colors together with a wire
  3. dark_samus

    dark_samus Active Member

    thanks gman :mrgreen: I thought it was there I just didn't want to fry my cube trying it since I wasn't, sure better to be safe than sorry right ;)
  4. The Magic Man

    The Magic Man Member

    Sorry for bumping this thread, as i think this is the third now, I would like to use this guide and your rev c one in my app.
  5. murphofly

    murphofly Member

    I was just wondering if you could possibly post pictures of each of the relocations done possibly next time you are doing the AlmostWTF/OMGWTF cuts? I'm just a bout to start my own portable and being the over achiever I am I am, I am taking the go big or go home approach. Or in this situation go small. I just would like to see how you have them relocated as to just confirm I'm doing this right.

    Cheers :tophat:
  6. Yo, follow this link and download the file and folder. Create a new folder and then place both the file and downloaded folder into it. Click the file and it will open the saved web page into your default browser.
  7. Sorry ... I'm building my second Game Cube Portable, but I noticed that the guide's images are offline ... I can not see them .... Does anyone have copies of the images please?
  8. Blargaman91

    Blargaman91 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if anyone has them or if anyone has posted them elsewhere. I'll say it before anyone else does: it's probably easier and cheaper for you to build a Wii portable since there is a lot of documentation on those and no Wiikey required. Otherwise I hope you can find the diagrams.
  9. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    I'm trying to get a copy of the images through legitimate means, but even the things Photobucket thinks are working are not today.

    I'll keep you posted.
  10. ttsgeb

    ttsgeb Breaker of Everything Staff Member

    Update: I fix'd the guide. You're all welcome.
  11. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    I made geb do it

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