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Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by techknott, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. techknott

    techknott Member

    Hi everyone. Sorry for not putting much into the forums lately, been really busy with building work etc. Anyway, built this for someone as a commission(out of my pocket) but they are not replying to me now its built. So here it is up for sale, pm me, vid to follow. PSone screen, orig backlight, usb, headphones etc, pretty basic stuff, roughly same size as a game case ;-)

  2. samjc3

    samjc3 #1 Female Member

    Damned sexy, as always!
  3. Argelfraster

    Argelfraster Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is awesome!
  4. Abb_eliten

    Abb_eliten Member

    Nice people... :neutral2:

    Anyway, that's a really clean job!!
    as always when it comes to your work :)
  5. robm

    robm Billy Mays Staff Member

    The fack you goin on with, Abb?

    Anyway, this looks fantastic - I hope my PS2 laptop comes out this clean.
  6. XCVG

    XCVG ModRetro Legend

    That is beautiful.
  7. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

    quality craftsmanship as always, Techknott.
  8. Twilight Wolf

    Twilight Wolf Frequent Poster

    Dang, what a beautiful piece of work this is. :awesome:

    You know, techknott, even if you're not posting here all the time you far more than make up for it with badass projects like these. Quality over quantity and all that.

    I assume he's referring to the person who commissioned him and now won't pay up.
  9. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    Tell that to Nintendo :trollface:
    Techknott, that thing blows my mind and makes me wish I could finish a project. Finish it only to sell it and make enough money to commission you to build something this great. :sweat:
  10. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    Awe inspiring case work, one of these days though you're gonna have to bite the bullet and install a battery pack! <3

  11. techknott

    techknott Member

    Thanks guys. SS, the dc3 and wvi's had batteries. I didn't put them in this because the guy wanted a ps2p and didn't want to pay too much for it so batts went out to lower the price. My next one will defo include them though, because it's for me;)
  12. Abb_eliten

    Abb_eliten Member


    If you mean the "nice people" thing, I was referring to the guys who originally wanted this, but didn't pay,
    not anyone here.
  13. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

    Sound's like someone's planning for a banning :mad:
  14. Mako321

    Mako321 I like purpale ponies

    In '09, Nintendo DID at one point make a statement, with the quote "Quantity over quality". (Not taken out of context either, they meant it)
  15. dsv101

    dsv101 Well-Known Member

    This thing is amazing!!!
  16. Zero

    Zero ModRetro Legend Administrator

    Ironic considering they make your favorite game series, Mako. :p

    Anyway Techknott, this is quite beautiful. Great job, really looking forward to see the one you make for yourself.
  17. ShockSlayer

    ShockSlayer Probably SS

    I can't wait, I literally cannot wait.

  18. MODDEDbyME

    MODDEDbyME Member

    thats pure awsomeness
  19. Tchay

    Tchay Frequent Poster

    Everyone else has already said it.

    This thing *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing rules.
  20. PalmerTech

    PalmerTech Founder of Modretro Staff Member

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