Gamecube Swiss, Audio, and Bootup issues

Discussion in 'Questions and Troubleshooting' started by Dr._Mobo, Apr 16, 2017.

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    So I am beginning to come close to finishing my gamecube portable, but it seems that Murphy's law is in full effect- as my gamecube has developed three issues that I don't know how to fix. If anyone has any idea what is going on with any of these issues, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    1) Everytime I turn on the gamecube, it shows a message saying that system settings were lost and that I need to reset them, even though my bios battery is wired the same way it was before when everything worked.

    2) The audio used to not be distorted but now it is distorted, high pitched, and can only be heard from my headphones (not the speaker). Could this be an issue with my audio amp?

    3)After I close the thing telling me my settings were lost, swiss boots up fine. However, when I select a game it loads to 100 percent then never executes. This same SD card used to work on this cube perfectly. I tried deleting the games off the SD card and downloading them back on, but nothing changed. Also, everytime the game starts to execute, the image on the screen becomes shifted over to the side (part of the image is cut off and the image no longer takes up the whole screen).
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    1 - Cmos battery voltage too low. Check - if 1.3v need another battery or you long time dont use yours gc
    2 - Try connect another amp. This is the easiest way.
    3 - It can happans when you tried run game from handmade sd gecko with long wires. If you run games from wasp slot - it means bad fpc or wires connection, or soldered connection has a old flux - need clean it.
    4 - About screen. In swiss menu when you tried run game press X button. In setting menu you need change Farce Video Mode - auto to another : 480i, 480p, 240p, 576i, 288p . After then press save and exit and run game. Try all mode. If this does not help - it means lcd was damaged or not work with gc video mode and you need another lcd
    Good Luck!
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    Thx for the input.

    I just checked and my battery still has 2.9 v. Also, my screen definitely works with the gamecube because before I had issues booting up it loaded games full screen and fine. Also, when I'm in the gamecube settings menu with the clear cube the image is centered and fully on the screen, it only shifts over in swiss (and I did try changing video settings but nothing changed.
  4. Dr._Mobo

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    I unplugged and replugged in all of the FFC cables, tried using a new wasp fusion, and even tried to load a game from an SD gecko, but everytime the same thing occurs. Any suggestions?

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