PlayStation 1 psone screen white out

Discussion in 'Questions and Troubleshooting' started by jeffslot, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. jeffslot

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    Hi Guys,

    Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong, and how I can correct it ? When I turn on my psone screen, it starts off ok, but then the corners get really white & then nothing. Thanks.

  2. ttsgeb

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    It looks like you may be overvolting the screen. Check your power supply and the regulator to make sure they're working properly.
    Unfortunately, there's also a pretty good chance the screen has been permanently damaged.
    That hissing in the background as you turn the screen on is making me extremely uncomfortable. I know it has an inverter for the backlight, but you aren't running this on AC, are you?
  3. MasterNate

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    I think I see your problem. If you really want to use that PS1 screen, then go for it. But there are many screens online for much cheaper with much better video quality, smaller and more power efficient driver boards. Those screens are pretty old and I would definitely recommend buying a new screen.

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