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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Protobug, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Hi everyone !

    It's been a while since i posted anything here but here i am trying to build another Gamecube portable.
    For this one i chose to use 3D printers (having one myself). I was influenced by redmagnus' commission which looks amazing.

    Here are some crooked Solidworks renderings ! (design not completely done, needs more holes)
    (again design influenced by redmagnus' Crimson Cube V3 : viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14257
    i hope he/she won't mind ....)

    Here are some features I want this portable to have :

    - 5" TFT lcd screen from ebay
    - 3d printed case
    - Original gamecube disc drive, analog triggers and buttons
    - 0.25W mini speakers
    - 4000 mah batteries (aiming to power up everything with 11.1 V)
    - Headphone jacks, Player 2 port etc....

    Let me know what you think guys

    Aaaand i have a few questions :

    -For the speakers can i use a 3W mini amp and 0.25W speakers ? Will this work ? or will i have a super small volume range while turning the potentiometer ?

    - If RedmagnusX comes by, i'm having some trouble for the X and Y buttons dimensions. I can't get them to fit right with the diameters i'm using .. That would be awesome.

    Sorry for my broken english
  2. Pinotte

    Pinotte Member

    A 3w amp will probably blow up your speakers...

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  3. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    I created a working model of the A B X Y buttons... Check the thread I made about it I have the 2D sketches and 3D models available
  4. Shank

    Shank Formerly Known As Dyxlesci

    Fluxedo thats awesome. I haven't seen it yet. Where board is the thread in? (or maybe you could link it)
  5. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member


    Sorry I was on mobile earlier but here's the thread with the files.

    I'm hoping to update that thread with all kinds of measurements I get for the controller and stuff I just haven't had time
  6. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Thanks pinotte :) I'm looking for a small amp and small speakers but i am a bit lost .. What do you guys use for your portables ?

    Thanks a lot Fluxedo i was struggling with tests. I'm am still having trouble with the upper curve of the X and Y buttons though ..
  7. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    A lot of people like to use LM386 and there's also a lot of various small amps floating around on eBay. There's one I'm thinking of in specific but I can't remeber the model number. I'll link to it when find it.

    EDIT: just found it, it's number is PAM8403. There's a ton of variations so look which one might suit you, it's 5v btw
  8. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Thank you very much it's also really cheap ! Now i have to find the right potentiometer ? How do you adjuste the volume ?

    And what about the upper curve for the Y and X buttons, do you have any clues of the center of the curve and the diameter ?
  9. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    Check eBay they sell many PAM chips that have potentiometers built in... If you get one with out hook up a 10k potentiometer to the L and R audio directly from the GC and wire the output go the amp. It looks like the PAM is capable of 2.5 volts too incase you don't have a 5v reg in your final product
  10. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Ok thanks a lot :)

    And what about the upper curve for the Y and X buttons, do you have any clues of the center of the curve and the diameter ?

    Little update : I cut the heatsink for my radial fan

    For now i am mainly working on the case design on solidworks
  11. Fluxedo

    Fluxedo Well-Known Member

    View my sketches that I included in that link. I don't know them off the top of my head.
  12. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    I tried but even with sketches i can't figure them out.

    I worked a lot on the design so here's an update !

    I also had this idea to include to the console afterwards.

    I consists of interchangeable disc drive / wiikeyfusion thanks to the Gaamecube DD port to play retro games or imports mainly. It'd also make the unit much slimer
  13. dark_samus

    dark_samus Active Member

    That last idea is awesome and would definitely give you a smaller design, you could also probably stuff a few extra batteries into the WKF/WASP encolsure to make it last longer
  14. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Thank you :D
    That's also a great idea !
    I just need to find a wkf dealer and to finish this portable quickly ! :)
  15. dark_samus

    dark_samus Active Member has them, but you'll need a WASP as WKF has been out of stock for quite some time

    EDIT: direct link

    The boards come preflashed with swiss, and if you follow the current discoveries (swiss autoload/autoboot which is somewhat unreliable, but can be fixed with you'll have a unit that automatically loads swiss upon boot and is compatible with all GameCube motherboard revisions (it used to be that IPL 1.0 wasn't compatible) good luck :)
  16. Shank

    Shank Formerly Known As Dyxlesci

    I would add 1 or 2 supporting cross beams for those speaker grills. 3d printed abs that thin and long could be fragile
  17. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Thanks for the link :D i'll definetely order one soon .

    Thank you for helping :) i'ts not that long actually, it's about 24 mm of diameter, ans the case thickness is 4mm do you think it'll be enough for pla ?
  18. dark_samus

    dark_samus Active Member

    even really thick plastic, if not supported properly, can be fragile.... a crosshatch design will have more support, trust me when I say I've seen 8 mm thick plastic of a similar design bend and break easily because there was hardly any support, in the end it's your GC so do with it what you want
  19. Protobug

    Protobug Member

    Ok i'll add a crosshatch :) thanks for your advices !

    I'm starting to think that a wiikey fusion or wasp is the good solution .. I was a bit "scared" of the soldering job (not beeing a total noob in soldering ) but with those MEGAdrives adapters, it seems super easy ..

    I can find guides online on how to install it but correct me if i'm wrong, it only needs a SD card to work since it's already flashed with swiss ?
    And what is the point of sd gecko ?

    thank you and sorry for my ignorance
  20. Aurelio

    Aurelio Active Member

    Yes, you will need only a SD card to make it work. SD Gecko is needed for homebrews that need access to an external memory and all of them doesn't support Wiikey's SD slot (except swiss), mostly because it is a read only memory

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