Problems with playstation 1 cd reader

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by arvin, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hello, i am currently working on my first portable. I am portablising a playstation 1 fat, but I have hit a problem here. The original cd reader (ksm440aem) ribbon cable got torn, so I ordered another one (also ksm440aem). However, this one did not come with the wire thingy and I had lost the one from the old reader. Therefore, I connected the wires manually by soldering them to where they needed to go. However, when I boot up my ps1, the cd starts to spin, but the laser sled just quickly goes all the way to the back and stays there. Any extra details you need, just ask for them.
    Please help me.

    I wanted to attach photos but couldnt find out how to do it, so if you need photos, please tell me how.
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    Photos would help.
    Upload the photos to Imgur,, or whatever photo hosting service your prefer.
    Try resoldering the wires, use flux.
    Keep everything clean.
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    Thanks for responding and here are the photos. I seriodoubt it'd be the soldering connection as the motors still turn on so that ans there must be a good connection otherwise no none of the motors would turn on. Going left to right on the cd reader port on the ps1 board, I have connected a white wire to the first pin, a yellow wire to the second pin a red wire to the third pin and a black one to the rightmost pin. The red and black wires go to the negative of the motor that spins thcdand the yellow and white go to the motor that moves the sled. I connected them this way because the 3rd and 4th pins always had a voltage on them and I reasoned that they must go to the motor spinning the cd as that is always spinning, but now I'm not sure if that's the right way to connect them.

    Also, the picture of the cd shows the cd not spinning because my camera had difficulty focusing in it when it was spinning so I just stopped the cd. What happens is that the cd keeps spinning but the sled goes all the way back (where it is shown in the picture) and stays thereaand the lens keeps moving up and down with thwe
  4. arvin

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    The last bit cut out for some reason I wanted to say with the laser on
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    I had the same problem few time back. I just sold it.

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