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    Hi all,

    I'm want to start designing a PS2 Portable but I'm clueless when it comes to powering the thing. I know it runs off 8.5v, but I dont plan on keeping the disk drive so maybe a little lower (?) The plan was to use Li-on cells or a Li-poly pad, which will need a regulator (in parallel?), but thats something completely foreign to me. The solution would also need to power a screen. Perhaps an LCD from a satnav. I searched the forums extensively but most threads have outdated photobucket images that aren't there anymore :/

    Any nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks xo
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    Hi, assuming you will use a 79000 model and without disk drive you should be able to use power source from 8.5v to 5.7v. You can read more here. Which mean that a 7.4v battery pack would work quite well as a fully charge pack will give a 8.4v and the voltage will decrease as you use it. With this you wouldn’t need a regulator for the PS2 board. There is a good post on this site about battery .

    For the screen not sure a satnav will work, the PS2 output composite (A/V) and component( YPBPR) so you need a screen that can take composite signal or VGA but you will need to find a board to covert the YPBPR signals for VGA. Alternatively you can use HDMI with this kind of converter which basically take the component signal and convert it to HDMI. And last thing to consider is a screen that can work with the voltage range of your battery pack.
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