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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Noah, Feb 29, 2016.

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  2. Prog

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    Are there good cross-platform N64 emulators? Project64 is Windows only, correct?
    I've been out of the emulation scene for a while. Are you kids still using NESticle?
  3. Ashen

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    Mupen64Plus AE is a really good Android N64 Emu.

    http://www.paulscode.com/source/Mupen64 ... utoBuilds/

    RasPi's look to have the same base arm architecture as most Android devices, I'm sure it could be ported over to the Pi with minimal difficulty. If someone were so inclined that is.
  4. samjc3

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    Does anybody just compile android for pi outright, so you don't need to port the emus? Not that I think android is any good or anything like that, but it would save some time if somebody had a build already.
  5. Prog

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    I think there are experimental builds but they're probably not great.
    Especially considering that Android and Minecraft continually prove that Java is downright stupid for some applications, although it might be usable on the latest Pi.
  6. laingsoft

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    Yes, being able to port to basically any platform that has the JVM ported is such a burden on those communities.

    Android has problems with it's design, but it's not because of Java.
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