Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by frostedfires, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. frostedfires

    frostedfires Member

    Transformed my friends SNES Classic into a Nintendo 64 Classic after it caught on fire... Ended up keeping it and giving him my SNES Classic so he wouldn't be without one.
  2. Fiskers1208

    Fiskers1208 Active Member

    The N64 Emulator runs amazing on the SNES classic.
  3. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    I have a few questions
  4. grossaffe

    grossaffe President Groosevelt Staff Member

  5. Prog

    Prog Not a Meme™ Staff Member

    I don't know why but that link 404s.

    I found it manually and laughed.

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